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 How To Determine Which Files Exist In One Directory Tree Vs. Another

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Süt Tozu
Süt Tozu

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Kayıt tarihi : 25/02/18

MesajKonu: How To Determine Which Files Exist In One Directory Tree Vs. Another   Cuma Mayıs 18, 2018 4:49 am


Here's the scenario: I have all documents from various computers backed up on my network drive. Over time. the directory structures have been renamed, moved, reorganized, etc. What I need to know is whether or not there exists any document files in any subdirectory on my laptop that do NOT exist anywhere on the network drive.I've tried some directory compare tools, like WinDiff and WinMerge, but they seem to take path into account when comparing. So, ever if the same file exists in a different location on the network, these tools will report it as missing, since the path to the file is different than what's on my laptop.I thought about using DupFiles (a duplicate file finder) in combination with a full upload of all document files on my laptop , but that will take ages, as I have thousands of documents. Plus, DupFiles seems to randomly choose the file which is considered the original, and so if I used it to delete the duplicates, I would end up with files scattered all over the place, causing me more grief.Any suggestions on a Windows command or different tool I can use to accomplish this? Alternatively, maybe some suggestions on how to better use the tools I've already tried?

Please help.

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How To Determine Which Files Exist In One Directory Tree Vs. Another
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